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So sorry to say this…

I am not going to use this blog anymore. I don’t have time to post on this blog anymore and I don’t want to disappoint you.  I am willing to make someone admin of this blog…message me if you are interested. I am saying this with great sadness, but I am just too busy and have lost the passion for blogging on this blog. It takes too much time. I will use my personal account now as my only account- pure-imagine-ation I am so sorry!! 

But as always, 

Keep Swimming </3

Thanks for the submission chill-your-nuts-bro  :) 


Hey guys! Send me submissions!! I am running out of ideas and I am swamped with schoolwork.  Can you help me out? Send me submissions here! You will be acknowledged for the submission! Thanks!!

Keep swimming xox


Hey guys! I have a twitter for this blog now! All of the posts from this blog will go to that twitter! Follow me @tumblrswimmer :) You can send me submissions to that twitter, as well! 

Keep swimming xox